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Professional & Affordable WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Pixel Me In is a website maintenance service company helping businesses with their updates, small changes and backups so you can focus on your business.

Website Management and Support Packages

Whatever your needs are, we can ensure that you choose the right package for your business.  

Website management and maintenance consist of regularly checking your website for problems and then making sure that everything is up to date and relevant. You need to do this consistently in order to ensure that the website remains updated, safe, and secure. 

Whether you are a big company, an individual, or a small business owner, it is imperative to keep your website up to date so that you are protected again the latest threats.

About Security and Saving Money

Security — Over time with hacker’s evolving tactics and with various software updates, a secure website can become vulnerable. Website security upgrades are just like your brick & mortar security. Don’t leave the door open to hackers!

Saving Money — Paying someone to stay familiar with a website dramatically reduces the cost when a problem arise. A regular maintenance retainer makes for quick and easy fixes and changes when needed.

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